Every event and strong operation relies on communications in many forms.  MedStar Solutions now provides a variety of 2-way radios and other communication devices to offer more solutions to your festival, sporting event, youth activity, fair, convention, and more.

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We are able to rent hand-held and mobile radios along with various accessories, repeaters, and staffing to improve communications and operational performance

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MedStar Solutions has been providing event medical services all throughout the state of Arizona and other states. We now offer our companion radio rental services to help our clients get communications with one less task to worry about when renting from us. We can provide additional communications support including dispatchers, communications trailers, and mobile repeaters


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Renting from MedStar's AZ Radio Rentals means that you have the option of renting equipment that can fit flexibly within your budget. We carry top quality Motorola and Kenwood equipment with the accessories to complement and enhance your operation or event. There are many applications in which your business may need to rent equipment, and can put together the best solution to meet and exceed those needs.

Full Service rentals

At Arizona Radio Rentals we specialize in providing professional multi-channel walkie-talkie radios to help enhance your next event. We offer low daily, weekend, weekly and monthly rates on all of our equipment. We can supply as few as four (4) or as many as 100+ units for all your temporary communication needs. Quantity is never a problem, just ask! To compliment your walkie-talkie, we have a wide assortment of headsets, speaker microphones and F.B.I. style 2 wire surveillance kits, portable repeaters, and base/mobile radios to fit every unit and boost your rental experience.


Cost and More Capabilities.
Push a button and be connected to one or one hundred individuals. Two-way radios are easy to use with a push-to-talk feature, which enables the user to communicate instantly with anyone on the network. Two-way radios are designed to be utilized in extreme conditions and offer rugged features. 

Additional frequencies can separate your team for their role and operational needs.

Partnering with us is an important first step. We spend time learning about your business and how your specific operation works. Then we use this knowledge to develop customized solutions. It may be as simple as spending five minutes discussing application and results desired, or it may require a site audit to determine the best, cost-effective system. In any case, we will design a system that provides the results you need now and prepares you for the future.

All portables require a battery to supply power to the unit. If the batteries are charged correctly, the units will provide a longer period of operation. Plus the life of the battery will be increased. It is always best to turn off the radio prior to charging and, when possible, drain the battery prior to charge. Never transmit when the portable is in the charger. Charge the battery for a full cycle, typically meaning a normal charge time of 2-4 hours for the chargers we supply. Never leave the battery in a charger for extended periods.

  • Exposing equipment to harsh conditions, including extreme heat, excessive moisture, and water
  • Attempting to peel, loosen, or remove any permanent part or labeling of the equipment or accessories
  • Hitting the radio against an object or continued dropping of equipment
  • Holding or swinging the radio by the antenna or connected accessories
  • Excessive use or misuse of knobs, buttons, or switches

Great Question!

We provide a list of the most common damages with every rental and a form to track radios.  Using this form and going over radio use and care can save you money and frustration.

For more peace of mind we also offer an optional Liability Damage Waiver.

Every customer may elect to purchase a Liability Damage Waiver. This option is available only prior to rental acquisition and must only be purchased for each item rented. This option is not included in the item rental price and is only considered purchased when specifically slated as a separate charge on the front of the rental agreement. When this option is purchased, Customer’s liability to equipment failure, internal repair, or need of repair due to normal wear and tear, minor damages and abrasions, missing knobs or buttons, etc. will be waived by the provider of the Liability Damage Waiver. All loss, destruction, water or liquid damage or intrusion, damage due to neglect, negligence or abuse, or damage due to use of equipment in a manner other than for which it was intended by the manufacturer, shall be covered at forty percent (40%) under the liability damage waiver.

For those in the Phoenix Metropolitan area we often can arrange to deliver or pick up our equipment to you or your site.  You may also arrange to meet us or stop by if you prefer.  For those outside the valley we will be happy to discuss these needs.

Mission Critical

Communicating amidst COVID-19

Events are again starting to be permitted and with it comes new and old challenges.  No matter when, a clear communication path is an important key to success. With the recent addition of our Arizona radio rentals division, we are able to help provide top notch equipment to keep your team in touch when they are dealing with those “mission critical” tasks. 

How Can We Help?

OUr services continue to expand & improve

MedStar was created to provide consulting for EMS organizations to improve operations. From there the need to improve medical care at special events was discovered and we focused our attention to help those attending concerts, festivals, conventions, and sporting events. Both these prior efforts was based significantly due to our training experience and associations with key training institutions. All of these combined to enhance one another and our growth and commitment continues to excel.

AZ Radio Rentals recently came to fruition by the requests of our clients. Most produce events and conventions that are not on a long-term basis but always need communications. We started sharing our radios to keep in touch for medical purposes. Eventually we saw the need to provide more radios to eliminate another step of their workload. We started providing our dispatchers to handle multiple radio channels and help coordinate and track needs during their events. Now we even have the ability to provide a communications trailer to staff our dispatch and operations team along with other event leaders. This full-service operation streamlines and strengthens the communications for every aspect of the event.

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