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Whatever your communication rental needs are, MedStar’s’ AZ Radio Rentals has an extensive inventory on-site and an application that will work for you. There are many applications in which your business may need to rent equipment, and we can meet and exceed those needs. Our rental department is dedicated to making sure that each communications solution is tailored to include and exceed your specific needs and requirements

radios provided for:

  • Events
  • Fairs and Festivals
  • Sporting Events
  • Endurance Sports
  • Concerts
  • Conventions
  • Trade Shows
  • Movie Production


primary devices available for rental

Looking to rent two-way radios for your next event?

Our solutions specialists will help you get the best equipment for what you need while staying budget-friendly.

16 channel analog rental radio from AZ Radio Rentals

Hand-Held Radios

  • Motorola 16-Channel – Analog
  • Motorola 4-Channel – Analog
  • Kenwood 16+ Channels- Analog
  • Kenwood Digital¬†
Kenwood TK-8180

Base/mobile Radios

  • Kenwood 16+ Channels- Analog
  • Kenwood Digital¬†
  • Powerwerx Mobile Radios
  • Includes Antenna¬†
  • Includes Power Supply
  • Cigarette power adapters available for mobile use
  • Ammo box/self contained mobile radio units available
Portable Radio Repeater

Portable repeater

  • Extend coverage area
  • Place at an optimal area for your use
  • Packaged in secure Pelican type case for safety
  • Includes 12-volt power supply
  • Includes battery supply
  • Includes base/mobile antenna
  • Includes necessary cabling


Options and other items to consider

Speaker/lapel mic

  • Keep the radio on a belt while needing to listen and transmit
  • Lightweight and compact

Surveillance/ear mic

  • Keep radio transmission private
  • Good for a quiet environment when you do not want to disturb others
  • Better receive conversation by others with sound going directly into your ear
Dual Muff Radio Headset

dual muff headset

  • Great for high noise environments
  • Microphone cuts background noise
  • Limited availability

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